Ingredient Sources

My organic ingredients are sustainably sourced from around the world from farmer cooperatives working hard to support their families while being good stewards for the earth.

I think it's important to give honor and respect to these producers as they work hard to deliver ingredients that are used to create premium-quality products that are safe & effective.

I've traveled around the world visiting many sustainable farms and understand the challenges families face when it comes to unpredictable weather or pests causing variances in yield and inconsistencies in color or aroma of raw materials.

As a manufacturer, ingredient inconsistencies are troublesome because some consumers don't understand why a product they purchased one month might be slightly different from the same product they purchase 6 months later. This leads to customer service issues and mistrust of the brand.

I think it's important to know that natural products are just that, natural. No chemicals or preservatives are used from field to shelf. Knowing this might give you comfort in accepting some small variances in color or scent but it shouldn't affect the effectiveness of the product itself.

To explain it a different way, natural products are kinda like fine wine. Each batch may be slightly different BUT the effectiveness & enjoyment is the same.

Here are some FAQs on what is 'normal' and how to read the manufacture born date, shelf life of the products etc. Do know that if there IS something wrong with the product I would love for you to contact me.

Here is the ingredient source list I'm currently using in my products.